Fira de Barcelona trade fairs show solutions IoT can offer economic sectors

Fira de Barcelona will be the world’s first trade fair institution to dedicate a specific project to its shows to illustrate how the Internet of Things can help the growth of and provide solutions for businesses in the economic sectors that attend its events. Fira will thus approach the latest innovations and future opportunities opened up by this new technological universe and connect it to the economic reality and requirements of the country’s industrial sectors.

Since its beginnings, the aim of Fira de Barcelona has been for its trade shows to exhibit the world’s latest innovations and advance future opportunities in order to help boost the country’s most important economic sectors. Faithful to its mission, Fira is taking this a step further to promote IoT Solutions, a pioneering project based on the technological phenomenon that is changing the world and is set to change people’s lives, and also the way we produce or do business. This phenomenon is the Internet of Things, technology that enables digital interconnection between the Web and everyday objects or industrial machinery.

In this respect, Fira de Barcelona will transfer the opportunities offered by this technology trend to its trade shows, providing a space that will bring together IoT applications and products in the sector, presentations, workshops, app competitions and other activities. The aim is to broadcast its potential and put tech companies in touch with industry so that they can translate their innovations into tailored solutions for their clients.

The first show that will feature IoT Solutions will be Hostelco, which is set to take place next October at Fira’s Gran Via exhibition centre. It will include a recreation of a smart hotel, with all the future applications, from reception to guest rooms, an exhibition area with the sector’s latest innovations, talks by specialists in the subject and a tour to visit hotels in the city where IoT solutions are already being applied.

IoT Solutions will also be at the next Smart City Expo World Congress, Hispack, Piscina Barcelona, the Barcelona International Motor Show and Beyond Building Barcelona. The project will thus be incorporated across the board into Fira’s largest trade fairs.

Barcelona, September 2014