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A major trade show organization

Fira de Barcelona is one of the most important trade fair organisations in Europe in terms of the volume and quality of its events, the high level of its venues and its organisational experience and professionalism.

It leads the Spanish trade fair market, especially in terms of industrial and professional fairs, and its positioning is closely linked to the brand of Barcelona, one of the most dynamic cities in Europe, with more than a century of trade fair tradition.

Fira is an economic and social driver and one of the best platforms for business, commercial promotion, the industrial fabric, the international reach of companies, knowledge exchange and talent attraction. Its annual contribution to the economy of the city and the surrounding area is estimated to be worth more than 4.7 billion euros and over 35,000 jobs.

Each year it organises and attracts events that are international leaders in their specialities (food, technology, health, fashion, the car industry, industrial production, etc.). It also innovates in order to expand its fairs and create events to meet the new social and business demands and it helps companies to enter new markets by co-organising fairs in different countries.

One of Fira’s chief hallmarks is its support for the productive sectors, professionals and entrepreneurs, as well as its commitment to innovation, technological development, and excellence in its service.

It has two large venues that provide 400,000 sqm of exhibition area, among the largest in Europe, and it offers exhibitors, organisers and visitors all the resources of a modern and efficient institution.

Since November 2021, Fira also manages the CCIB (Barcelona International Convention Centre), that with its 100.000 sqm of floorspace and over 100 annual events will allow the institution to strengthen its competitivity and international position and conduct an integral management of the three leading tradeshow venues in the city.

Within the framework of its corporate responsibility, it conducts activity based on sustainability, respect for the environment and support for different social initiatives with the strong comitment to adopt the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to its strategy.


Our purpose

Government organs

Fira de Barcelona, officially founded in 1932, is a consortium made up of Barcelona City Council, the Catalan Government, and the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona, combining public ownership with autonomous business management.

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Each year Fira hosts more than 270 events and about a thousand ceremonies organised within the framework of the fairs, attracting 30,000 direct and represented companies and 3 million visitors from 200 countries and regions.

It manages over 400,000 sqm of gross exhibition area, divided between the Montjuïc and Gran Via venues. Also manages CCIB with 100,000 sqm.

International reference

Fira de Barcelona occupies a prominent place in the international trade fair market as a platform for business and knowledge, working from a triple perspective.

Fira al món

It provides the best logistical services, technology, and personalised assistance to ensure that the fairs, congresses and events are a success.

Our history

Fira de Barcelona has a long history dating back to the large exhibitions of 1888 and 1929. Constituted officially in 1932, it has always been a reflection of the country’s business activity and social changes, a showcase for the innovations in the different industries and a driver for economic promotion and international exposure of companies.

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