The institution

Our commitment

Fira de Barcelona has a clear commitment to sustainable development, with the creation of social value and the generation of wealth and well-being for Barcelona and its surroundings. We support the productive fabric and convert innovation into a tool for change. These values are closely linked to our concept of business, how we conduct our activities and the efficient management of resources.

Fira de Barcelona has obtained ISO 14001 certification, the most widely recognised international standard in the field of environmental management and we’ve adhered to the Barcelona Biosphere Tourism Sustainability Commitment.

Looking to the future, we focus our efforts on contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), approved by the UN in 2015, adapting them to our strategy and extending this commitment to exhibitors and visitors.



Economic and social impact

Fira de Barcelona’s activity has an estimated economic impact of more than 4.7 billion euros and contributes to the creation of more than 35,000 jobs and the collection of more than 971 million euros per year by the Public Finances.


Sustainability, environment

We are committed to sustainability, the protection of the environment and the fight against climate change. We work to reduce the impact of our activity by committing to energy efficiency, renewable energies, recycling and the circular economy.


We work closely with various institutions and entities that promote solidarity actions in the field of health and care for people in situations of vulnerability and at risk of social exclusion.

With innovation

For Fira, innovation is an essential element to promote sustainable development initiatives. It forms part of the DNA of our trade fairs and events, as they have a large scope for the presentation and dissemination of all types of events.

Committed to the Sustainable Development Goals

Fira de Barcelona has made a commitment to actively support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), given its role as a generator of economic and social impacts. Committing to the SDGs means becoming co-responsible not only for the quality of life, well-being and prosperity of the present generation but also for the expectations of future generations.