Our commitment

Economic and social impact

Fira’s activity has an important economic and social impact on the city, the metropolitan area and the entire country. The impact it generates, calculated at more than 4.7 billion euros a year, contributes to creating more than 35,000 jobs and collecting more than 971 million euros per year by the Public Finances. It also promotes synergies between companies, organisations, institutions and countries.

Boosting activity and knowledge


We energise the productive fabric, especially through technological and Industry 4.0 and ICT -oriented events.

We support SMEs and entrepreneurs, promote knowledge transfer among companies and the economic and social sectors, and contribute to the relationship between educational, professional and entrepreneurial fields.

Urban dimension

Our venues are also social spaces where trade fairs dedicated to the public and many cultural and leisure activities are held.

They contribute to the development of infrastructures, urbanism and the city (metro lines, growth of the airport, development of the Europa square and the Gran Via axis that forms the backbone of the Baix Llobregat metropolitan area, etc.)

Promotion of the Barcelona brand

Contribution to the international position of Barcelona with events such as the MWC Barcelona, Alimentaria, Smart City Expo World Congress, Ibtm World, European Congress of Cardiology, Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week, among others.

Supporting young talent


We promote programmes aimed at developing young people´s talent, thus contributing to training them and leading to employment.

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