Haute cuisine is being rethought at Fórum Gastronómico Barcelona

From 18 to 20 November, the Montjuïc venue will host a new edition of Fórum Gastronómico Barcelona. With more than 300 exhibiting companies and 30,000 professionals, it presents workshops and conferences to analyse the current state of European cuisine and debate aspects such as business management, digitalisation and sustainability in catering.

Under the slogan “Rethinking gastronomy”, the professional event Fórum Gastronómico Barcelona, organised by Fira de Barcelona through its partner company Alimentaria Exhibitions together with Fòrum Gastronòmic, is bringing 30,000 experts together to reflect on current trends in haute cuisine. This event programme includes showcookings, workshops and conferences that exhibit the situation of current European cuisine, highlighting female talent, local products and sustainability in catering.

In total, more than 45 chefs, totalling 31 Michelin stars, will participate in the event. Figures such as Jordi Cruz, Carme Ruscalleda, Ada Parellada, Paco Pérez and Sergio and Javier Torres (the Torres Brothers), among others, will share the limelight with promising young Europeans. Fórum Gastronómico Barcelona will have themed spaces that pay special attention to the world of confectionery, wine and halal.

This professional meeting also includes FórumLab, a space where nearly 30 presentations will be given on business management, the importance of digitalisation and new business models, among others. Prizes such as Nou Plat Favorit dels Catalans 2019, InnoFòrum, Cuiner 2019 Fòrum Gastronòmic Barcelona and TheBestDessert will also be awarded.

Barcelona, November 2019