The union of imaging and printing attract trade visitors from new sectors to Fira

The business potential of printed images to customise any substrate or surface was shown in the joint staging of and Sonimagfoto&Multimedia, which closed at midday today in Fira de Barcelona’s Gran Via Exhibition Centre. On this occasion, the event was visited not only by printers and photographers, but professionals from new demand sectors, such as interior designers, decorators, designers, publicists, manufacturers of ceramics and textile products, among others, also came to discover the applications of digital technology to print images on all kinds of surfaces.

Both shows, which have closed with an estimated joint figure of 20,000 visitors, have managed to achieve a new shift in the graphic communications market with innovative proposals in equipment and substrates to create unique products. According to a recent report by Accenture, 63% of consumers want to be able to customise the products and services they receive. Sector sources put the annual growth of the printed image market, with articles such as wall decorations, calendars, photo cards, photo albums and gift articles, at 5.6%.

In this sense and Sonimagfoto focused on showing the opportunities and emerging businesses that can arise from the alliance between imaging and digital printing. The International Image&Print World was held to reveal some of the keys to this convergence with the participation of 30 expert speakers from 8 countries and 280 attendees. The general thread was that, after the drop in volume of commercial printing, the “print everything” is really taking off. The future growth of graphic communication lies in customisation, added value and connecting with the emotions of the end client.

In order to reveal these success cases, new techniques and applications, both shows had a corner that provided the setting for around thirty short presentations and conferences. Topics included graphic design, photography, 3D printing, web-to-print, augmented reality and greenprinting, among others. Another successful joint activity was the Adobe Digital Classroom, through which over 800 people passed. The thirty Youth Seminars were also well attended by groups of students who visited the fair; over 1600 pupils from graphic arts and design schools. and Sonimagfoto&Multimedia also hosted various awards ceremonies, such as the Anuaria Graphic Design Awards, the Marca Digital Awards for Screen Printing, Pad Printing, Digital Printing and Signage and the World Wedding Photo Awards. The winner of the Sonimagfoto Scholarship for a Postgraduate Diploma Course in Photojournalism at the Autonomous University of Barcelona was announced. The 28-year old Ecuadorian-Israeli Mijail Leonardo Valljo Prut, convinced the panel of judges with a report entitled “Inexistent”, about young undocumented Russians that live in the streets and abandoned buildings of Saint Petersburg. His photos show the life of these people, who cannot work, receive and education or aid because they do not exist officially.

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