The EU’s Watify campaign for technological transformation joins the Barcelona Industry Week

Fira de Barcelona’s Expoquimia, Equiplast, Eurosurfas and IN(3D)USTRY trade shows, are organising three matchmaking events in collaboration with the WATIFY campaign, on October 3, 4 and 5, to boost the technological transformation and modernisation of Europe’s industry. These events, which are part of the programme of activities organised during the Barcelona Industry Week (BIW), will focus on new advanced and sustainable materials, 3D printed electronics and green chemistry, and will be open to visitors and exhibitors of the four trade shows jointly held as a part of the BIW from October 1-6.

Watify is an awareness-raising campaign launched by the European Commission with the aim of supporting European businesses in their digital transformation and their adoption of advanced technologies. It particularly targets small and medium-sized enterprises. Under the Watify banner, public and private stakeholders from different European industrial regions will be meeting in Hall 3 of Fira de Barcelona’s Gran Via venue to explore the potential for cooperation and joint actions or pilot schemes on technological transformation through the uptake of digital and key enabling technologies. The matchmaking events being held as part of Fira de Barcelona’s BIW represent three of the 40 Watify Matchmaking Events being organised across the EU Member States.
The first Watify Matchmaking Event will be held on October 3 and its main theme new sustainable and advanced materials. This first event will show how new plastics, aerogels and recycled materials, amongst others, can help to increase the efficiency of industrial processes. On October 4, advanced additive manufacturing will be the key topic, examining the current situation of 3D printed electronics and their implementation in industrial processes. Finally, on October 5, the matchmaking event will analyse the role of what has been coined as ‘Green Chemicals’ and their impact on the chemical industry and the environment.
Through the matchmaking events, Fira de Barcelona and Watify expect to boost awareness of the benefits and business potential of technological transformation, both digital and through key enabling technologies, and to connect technology providers, regions and their businesses via face-to-face meetings so as to facilitate collaboration on concrete, joint technological transformation projects across Europe.
You can register for the Watify Matchmaking Events here:
The next edition of Expoquimia will take place on October 1-6 and is jointly held with Eurosurfas, Equiplast, IN(3D)USTRY From Needs to Solutions, the IoT Solutions World Congress, the World Congress of Chemical Engineering and the World Chemical Summit, which comprise the first edition of Barcelona Industry Week.
Barcelona, 27 July 2017