The Bizbarcelona and Saló de l’Ocupació connection boosts business and employment opportunities

Bizbarcelona and the Saló de l’Ocupació are preparing their third joint edition with the focus on helping people to develop new business, professional and employment opportunities. The two events, which this year are intensifying their synergies with more than a hundred activities, guidance services, training workshops, conferences and talks, are returning together with the aim of promoting talent and boosting local economies.


Both events, which will be held on 9 and 10 November at the Montjuïc venue, are organised by Fira de Barcelona and promoted by Barcelona City Council through Barcelona Activa, with the involvement of the Diputació de Barcelona, Pimec, the Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona and the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce. This year, more than ever, they will put people at the centre of their proposals with the aim of offering information and solutions adapted to those who want to start up or transform a business, focus their professional profile and improve their job prospects. There will be an area with stands, conference spaces, workshops and advice, as well as a common area dedicated to promoting, guiding and connecting talent.

The first deputy mayor of Barcelona City Council and president of Bizbarcelona, Jaume Collboni, said: “These events are a sample of the talent that our city has and we want to contribute to strengthen and promote it, through all the activities, connections and knowledge they offer. The City Council also maintains its support for people who are looking for work or want to improve their employability, and its commitment to strengthening the economic fabric, standing alongside companies, entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals”.

Talent, the common denominator

Despite maintaining their singularity and their own activities, this year Bizbarcelona and the Saló de l’Ocupació will show greater integration with the change of location to Hall 1 of the Montjuïc venue, opening up a wide range of possibilities to the visiting public, arranged according to their interests, profiles and expectations. In addition, after last year’s success, the TalentxBCN area will be strengthened, where the common proposals of both shows will converge.

Within this shared area, there will be an exhibition area made up of companies and organisations with resources and services to develop and attract talent; two multi-purpose spaces for activities aimed at connecting people, companies and the world of entrepreneurship, networking dynamics or presenting sectors that offer job opportunities; a conference room where inspirational talks on trends or coaching will be given; and a programme of workshops focused on developing new skills and abilities such as leadership, teamwork or negotiation, among others.

It will also include the “Sí i Millor” fair organised by FECETC (Federation of Special Employment Centres of Catalonia) to facilitate interviews between people with disabilities and companies interested in hiring them, as well as talks on the integration of this group into the labour market.

Barcelona Activa, together with other occupational entities, will offer personalised attention to anyone looking for work, wanting to improve their professional future or needing career guidance, while the entities promoting Bizbarcelona will give specific advice to entrepreneurs, freelancers and SMEs on areas related to business and business management.

Tailor-made proposals for each public

Regardless of this confluence, each show will focus on the needs of their respective target audiences. Thus, Bizbarcelona will make it possible to get to know and connect with the city’s entrepreneurial and business ecosystem, identify resources, see trends that impact new businesses and be inspired by the experiences of others. It will have an exhibition space with stands of public and private entities that work to support, train and promote entrepreneurship and economic activity, as well as other companies and startups with innovative solutions and basic services for SMEs or for people who want to start up a business.

In its congress aspect, three auditoriums will host conferences on digitalisation, financing, internationalisation, marketing and sales, distribution and logistics, business strategy, SDGs, innovation, start-ups and new opportunities, among other topics. In addition, this year will give more prominence to workshops, practical workshops to develop skills and new knowledge for entrepreneurship with a more interactive format.

For its part, the Saló de l’Ocupació will strengthen its vocation of service in the field of employment. It will do so through three main areas: Orientate yourself, Discover and Prepare yourself, offering a wide range of information and advice from Barcelona’s occupational organisations, demonstrations of trades, contact with third sector organisations and presentation of job options for the future, as well as talks and workshops to discover the most suitable tools and strategies for each profile in the process of looking for work or reinventing oneself professionally.

Access to visit Bizbarcelona and the Saló de l’Ocupació is free, subject to online registration, which will open after the summer.

Barcelona, 4 July 2022

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