Piscina & Wellness Barcelona crosses borders and will hold its first edition in Mexico in 2020

Piscina & Wellness Barcelona, the leading trade show in Spain and a European trend-setter in its special field, will also be held in Mexico with the aim of boosting the business of Spanish and international companies in the Mexican and Latin American markets that offer new opportunities linked to water culture. The trade show, which will be called Piscina & Wellness Mexico, will export the format of Barcelona´s leading event, with an extensive commercial exhibition and a space dedicated to debate and dissemination of knowledge, where innovation, digitalisation, internationalisation and sustainability will be valued as the axes of development of this market worldwide.  

Piscina & Wellness Mexico will be held for the first time at the CitiBanamex Centre in Mexico City in June 2020, bringing together around one hundred exhibitors in a 7,000 m2 exhibition space, displaying the latest developments of the entire value chain of swimming pool products for residential and public use, as well as facilities, equipment and accessories related to wellness and spas.

The event will also feature a programme of technical talks delivered by experts who will share their knowledge on the challenges and opportunities of aquatic leisure in Mexico and Latin America, as well as the potential for technological development, certifications, design optimisation, construction and maintenance of swimming pools and wellness industry facilities.

For Ricard Zapatero, Fira de Barcelona’s International Business Director, “this is a further step in Fira de Barcelona’s internationalisation strategy, which in this way consolidates its position in Mexico as a trade fair operator and opens up new business opportunities for international companies in this country as well as throughout its area of influence”.

For his part, the president of Pisicna &Wellness Barcelona, Eloi Planes, stresses that “it is an initiative of great importance for an industry that can open new markets in Latin America, especially in a field such as tourism and hotels that plays a major role in the country’s economy and one that is constantly growing.

Mexico, Latin American leader in the number of spas
In this regard, due to the characteristics of its market and the flow of tourists it receives each year, Mexico offers the swimming pool and wellness industry interesting business opportunities: the country ranks first in Latin America in the number of spas and thermal facilities, and tenth worldwide in the ranking of leading countries in wellness tourism. In fact, in Mexico there are more than 15 million trips with a wellness focus every year, generating revenue of 12.6 billion dollars a year, with an increase of 25% year on year. In addition, in Mexico there are about 1,500 spas and water parks, a market that is increasing by 3% per year.

Moreover, it should not be forgotten that wellness is closely linked to the hotel industry, which in Mexico is growing by 4.5% every year. Most of the more than 23,000 hotels in the country, especially in the states of Jalisco, Veracruz and Oaxaca, have aquatic and recreational facilities as well as spas and wellness centres.

Piscina & Wellness México, organised by Fira de Barcelona through its subsidiary Fira Barcelona México, joins Smart City Expo Latam in this American country. Fira also maintains its internationalisation strategy by holding local editions of Smart City Expo World Congress in Atlanta (USA), Curitiba (Brazil), Kyoto (Japan), Buenos Aires (Argentina), as well as seven professional fairs in Havana (Cuba) and editions of Alimentaria in Mexico and Lisbon. In addition, Fira de Barcelona carries out consultancy work in different venues around the world.

Piscina & Wellness Barcelona
In this way, Piscina & Wellness Barcelona, in its 25th anniversary year, takes another step forward in its internationalisation project. Organised by Fira de Barcelona in collaboration with the Spanish Association of Pool Professionals (ASOFAP in its Spanish initials), Piscina & Wellness Barcelona will bring together, until tomorrow (Friday), in the Gran Via venue, more than 350 exhibitors from 25 countries and more than 500 brands in 35,000 m2 of raw exhibition space, a 12% increase in the number of stands and surface area with respect to the previous edition, held in 2017.

Barcelona, 17th October 2019

Pictures from Piscina & Wellness Barcelona 2019 here

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