IoT Solutions World Congress to showcase three testbeds of applications of the industrial internet

Tackling the challenges that industries are facing in the near future to become smarter and more competitive will require a combination of knowledge and hands-on experience to enable companies to take a step further. The Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions World Congress will showcase three testbeds on its first edition to show attendees practical examples of how the industrial internet will transform information and data into a competitive edge through enhanced productivity.

Testbeds are controlled experimentation platforms to deploy new solutions and test them in real-life conditions. These trials explore untested technologies or existing technologies working together in an untested manner potentially culminating in disruptive products or techniques and setting a list of requirements and priorities for standards organizations. All three practical applications showcased a IoT Solutions World Congress will be sponsored and supervised by the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC).

The first of these demonstrations will show how Bosch, Cisco, National Instruments and Tech Mahindra have applied the IoT to enhance Airbus’ assembly line. Current aircraft construction regulations are extremely precise including type of screw and torque applied to join specific parts. Every step needs to be verified and documented so the tools used in this project –all Wi-Fi-enabled– are capable of identifying their precise location on the shop floor and log every procedure applying the requirements for every task.

The second testbed will show how Rti, National Instruments and Cisco have used the available industrial internet solutions to optimize power generation through microgrids. Re-architecting electric power grids enables to control smaller areas of demand with distributed generation and storage capacity to ensure that energy is generated more accurately and reliably. These microgrids operate independently from the main electric power grid but will still interact and be coordinated with the existing infrastructure.

The last IoT application showcased at IoT Solutions World Congress will display the early developments of the INFINITE (International Future Industrial Internet Testbed) project. The initiative aims to dynamically reconfigure a network without changing the hardware itself while allowing connectivity via multiple access points. The new platform uses Big Data to not only create completely virtual domains with Software-Defined Networking, but it also makes it possible for multiple domains to securely run via one physical network – thus making it ideal for use in mission critical systems. Even more interesting, INFINITE makes it possible to connect to these virtual domains through mobile networks.

A new industrial horizon
Fira de Barcelona is organizing the event in partnership with the IIC, the sector’s leading association, to bring together organizations and technology developers with the goal of accelerating the growth, adoption, and widespread use of industrial IoT. From September 16 to 18, the IoT Solutions World Congres will not only showcase the most innovative applications of the Industrial internet but will also discuss how this technology is going to transform the global economy through a comprehensive conference programme.

Barcelona – June 23th, 2015