Futura presents the broadest range of master’s and postgraduate courses with pathways to employment

The relationship between universities and educational institutions and companies, as well as the internship agreements between them, will constitute one of the core elements of the 17th edition of Futura, the Master’s and Postgraduate Fair set to be held on 20th and 21st March in Hall 5 of the Montjuïc venue. In addition, the event organised by Fira de Barcelona has expanded its guidance services to enable attendees to find out more about all their options and resolve their queries.

Students are increasingly taking into account the opportunities to enter the labour market offered by the different universities, business schools and training centres when it comes to choosing a master’s degree. This year, to enable students to make the right decision and identify the master’s degree course that will help them to pursue a career that appeals to them, Futura will activate a platform on which visitors can schedule meetings with the internship managers of the 50-plus domestic and international exhibitors that will showcase their wide range of postgraduate courses and their new items for the 2020-2021 academic year.

The fair will also maintain its commitment to guidance, so it has increased the number of experts devoted to providing visitors with the necessary information, resolving any potential queries and helping them to make informed decisions. Students will thus be able to ask for professional advice and support throughout the Futura fair in order to choose the courses that will help them to enhance their careers.

Meetings with professionals

This year, Speaker’s Corner will launch a new format geared more towards the future in which visitors will be able to take part in group and individual sessions. For this purpose, ten 15-minute capsules will be organised in which experts and professionals from different sectors will give talks to discuss their experiences and answer questions from the audience.

In this regard, a Speed Dating session will also be organised with the aim of facilitating contact between employers and young people who wish to put their professional future on the right course, highlighting the value of internships in companies. This activity will be divided into five knowledge areas so that those who are interested can easily gain access to important companies in areas related to the studies they have completed.

Academic internationalisation

This year, the fair will once again feature the presence of ICEX, which will present its Internationalisation Scholarship programme whereby students will receive theoretical training in international management and have the opportunity to gain work experience with large companies. Thus, the aim will be to increase the number of Catalan candidates who are interested in studying for an MBA and continuing their education abroad.

Futura, which will be held within the framework of Education Week, coinciding with the 31st Saló de l’Ensenyament and the third Youth Employment Fair, will take place on 20th and 21st March in Hall 5 of the Montjuïc venue.