Fira de Barcelona supports the first Global Exhibitions Day

Fira de Barcelona is supporting the Global Exhibitions Day on 8 June to celebrate the world’s trade fair sector. Promoted by the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) with the support of the Spanish Trade Fair Association (AFE), this event aims to underline and inform both official bodies and private organisations and companies about the importance of the trade fair sector, its essential contribution to every local and national economy and the economic impact on every region where trade fairs are held.
The Spanish Trade Fair Association (AFE) singled out the following points in relation to the importance of trade fairs:
– Trade fairs are essential for driving a great deal of business both within and outside the fair itself. Trade fairs help to develop the area in which they are held, generating employment and wealth for sectors such as hotels, restaurants, transport networks, shops, etc. A trade fair generates between eight and ten times its own turnover for its economic milieu.
– Exhibitors strengthen their brand image by exhibiting at the fair and this is also the best way for new companies to make themselves known.
– By attending trade fairs you find out about new products and acquire fresh knowledge about the sector in question.
– Trade fairs are ideal for networking: doing deals with existing clients, getting to know new clients and opening up new markets.
– One-to-one contact is irreplaceable. New technologies are an important part of companies’ marketing campaigns, but you simply cannot beat face-to-face, direct contact with the products offered at trade fairs.
– Trade fairs are excellent routes to internationalisation: exhibiting companies can make contact with and present their products to companies in numerous countries without having to make costly and time-consuming foreign trips.
Barcelona, 8 June 2016