Wellness Experience displays new innovations at a fully operational wellness centre

Thermal yoga, sound therapy, breathing techniques, mindfulness, aquatic physiotherapy and other treatments related to health, relaxation and wellness will be some of the demonstrations given by experts and therapists at ‘Wellness Experience’, a wellness centre that the Piscina & Wellness Barcelona trade fair will be setting up at Fira de Barcelona. The aim is to raise awareness of how aquatic activities affect users’ quality of life and how the latest technologies help to make a functional, cost-effective and environmentally friendly facility.

The Wellness Experience, which will be fully operational from 29 November to 2 December in Hall 4 of the Gran Via venue, will recreate the various rooms of a wellness centre such as the reception, waiting room, fitness room, spa area, sauna, treatment cabins, changing rooms, bathrooms, swimming pool and jacuzzi within a 500 m2 space.

All the areas of the Wellness Experience centre will be equipped with the latest innovations and technologies in the sector provided by several exhibiting companies, such as Fluidra, Construcciones Deportivas Condal, Ezarri, MC Construction Chemicals, Griñó Rotamik, Iberspa, Rosa Gres, Sonnenland, Saci, Coytesa, Inva Solutions, Thomas Wellness Group, Zonyx Tech and Caldea.

The central pool will host various activities related to wellness and health, such as aquatic physiotherapy workshops, mindfulness and relaxation demonstrations along with other techniques from Eastern traditions such as Bahiku, Ai Chi or thermal yoga, with the aim of promoting integral health. The activities, coordinated by Teresa Pacheco Osa from Torrens & Pacheco Consultants, will be led by experts in the different disciplines.

At the same time, various treatments will be carried out in the treatment booths by specialists from the high-end cosmetic brands: Innat, Seaskin Life, Morjana Cosmetique, DreamShaper by Ultratone and Alqvimia. These include rejuvenating, moisturising and antioxidant body and facial massages, using natural products and aromas.

The NAOS Architecture studio, which has designed the centre, has based its design on the Sustainable Development Goals so as to achieve the lowest possible environmental impact of the structure. To separate the different spaces, curvilinear panels made of 4,200 tubular foam floats supplied by the firm Leisis will be used. In turn, at the end of the show, the floats will be donated to 35 swimming clubs in Catalonia.

From Wellness to Wellbeing

With this space, Piscina & Wellness Barcelona seeks to promote greater awareness and commercial development of the wellness-spa sector, which has experienced a spectacular increase in recent years, accounting for 5.3% of the world economy by the end of 2020. Even during the pandemic, it has managed to position itself securely within a market that is increasingly demanding this type of product, and which is emerging as one of the segments of the tourism industry with the highest growth rates and best prospects for the future.

Moreover, the concept of health and wellbeing is expected to expand in the coming years: after the crisis caused by COVID-19, experts say that the transition from “wellness”, which mainly refers to an individual’s overall good state of health, to “wellbeing”, a concept related to the “common good” that focuses on individuals in relation to their environment, their company and their various social groups, is already beginning.

Barcelona, November 2021

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