Swab Barcelona Art Fair, a global art fair

The international event Swab Barcelona Art Fair hosts more than 60 galleries and 300 national and international artists. Thanks to its collaboration with the digital platform ARTSY, for the first time you can visit and buy their works remotely in real time. Among other new developments, this edition highlights the social function of art and the role of women in today’s world.

Fira de Barcelona’s Montjuïc venue (palace Z6) hosts the twelfth edition of the Swab Barcelona Art Fair, whose programme seeks to bring the artistic object closer to the spectator. With this aim, the visit can be either in person at the Montjuïc exhibition centre or online through the ARTSY platform, which also allows you to buy products from all the exhibitors.
The fair hosts different artistic spaces from Barcelona and emerging galleries from Madrid, London and Rio de Janeiro invited by the initiative My First Art Fair. In addition, the programme Mexico en Femenino presents the works of four artists who, through the female body, are rethinking the role of women in the world and their active participation in art. For its part, the new Swab Emerging programme advocates the work of art as a tool for political and social reflection, focusing on social interactions, human behaviour and material desire.
In its general programme, as it does every year, sculptures, paintings, performances, photographs and videos are exhibited. There are also regular programmes such as SWAB Reading, which explores art through literature, SWAB Ephemeral, which investigates the implication of language in art, and the SWAB Kids art initiation space.
Barcelona, September 2019