The first IOTSWC Digital Summit will tackle the deployment of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Twins

Next December 2 – 3, IOT Solutions World Congress (IOTSWC), the leading international event on the industrial Internet of Things (IoT), organized by Fira de Barcelona and the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), will hold the first edition of the Digital Summit series. The meeting will focus on the evolution Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digital twins (DT), and their use in multiple sectors such as manufacturing, construction, transportation, smart buildings, healthcare, energy and military.

On the first day, the Digital Summit will tackle the evolution of AI and how it offers a competitive edge in many different industries. Through a use-case oriented approach, the 15 sessions will include insights from companies such as BMW, Cisco, Dell, Intel, Oracle, SAS, Rolls-Royce, Thales Group, Thyssenkrupp, and Western Digital, and experts from the Imperial College, the University of California San Francisco and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Together they will tackle topics such as Achieving Autonomous Intelligence with Embedded Machine Learning, AI ethics and Trustworthiness, From Automation to Autonomous Things, and The Role of Cognitive Systems as Business Intelligence Enablers.

Digital Twins will be the main theme on the second day of the Digital Summit. The conferences will feature end-users presenting experiences on how DT have improved decision making and operational efficiency. Within the list of experts and companies are ABB, Bentley Systems, Digital Twin Consortium, GE Aviation, Jitsuin, Leeds City Council, LEGO Group, Liebherr, Microsoft, NTT Corporation, Rockwell Automation and the University of Maryland. Topics discussed include Digital Twins to Improve Productivity, How Digital Security Twins Unlock Transformation in Building Access Control, Improving Predictive and Prescriptive Maintenance Outcomes by Applying Simulation-Based Digital Twins, and Digital Twin Lifecycle.

The director of IOTSWC, Roger Bou, said that “we believe that the Digital Summit events we will be holding in the coming months are the best way the keep the IoT ecosystem engaged and updated before the 2021 IOT Solutions World Congress. These real use-case experiences are unbeatable proof that these technologies are driving a paradigm shift in many different industries that companies need to embrace.”

The second installment of the Digital Summit series will be held on May 2021 and will focus on IoT technologies and Cybersecurity.

Ramping up towards IOTSWC 2021
The Digital Summit series is aimed at engaging and connecting the industrial IoT ecosystem before the upcoming edition of IOTSWC on October 2021. Under the theme Connect with Game Changers, the event will combine a congress and exclusive face-to-face exhibition aimed at high-profile executives, with streaming content and virtual participation for a more global audience. The goal is to bring together the main actors involved in the digital transformation in the industrial field through technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), AI, Robotics and Digital Twins, among others.

Barcelona, November 26 2020

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