Experts gathered at Smart City Expo & World Congress make citizens the central figure in smart city transformations

When citizens are more than just customers

Smart City Expo &World Congress shows how sensorising cities makes them more efficient

Eyes and ears for cities of the future

Smart City Expo & World Congress covers the mechanisms of transforming the current energy model

Urban generation and smart grids solve the equation between urban development and sustainable growth

The interaction between technology and people, main focus of Smart City Expo & World Congress' first day keynotes

Anthony Townsend: “We can not afford to repeat the mistakes in urban development that were made during the 20th century”

Prevailing over Milan, Munich and Paris in the contest organized by the GSMA

Barcelona becomes Mobile World Capital

The private sector must play a key role in the design of mitigation tools

Providers of Climate Finance call on Governments for strong signals that ensure progress in Durban

The show attracted 38,600 trade visitors, 7% of them international, looking for graphic technology and market trends

Graphispag 2011 reactivates the graphic communication market

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