Frequently asked questions

Bidders should enquire with the relevant department as listed in the Tender Specifications.

All documentation should be provided in paper format. In addition, the financial offer should be sent by email in a pdf format to the relevant department manager, as specified in the Tender Specifications.

Bidders may check the current status of the procedure and the final decision via the website of Fira de Barcelona in the “Contractor Profile” section. Bidders will also receive a written notice informing them as to whether they have been selected for award of the contract or whether their bid has been rejected.

The Administrative Specifications will set out the financial and technical aspects that may be negotiated with the companies that respond to the tender.

Once bidders have been informed of the decision not to select them for award of the contract, they may collect the Provisional Guarantee directly from the relevant department’s office.

Companies wishing to form a joint venture are only required to sign a written commitment that they will do so once they have been awarded the contract.

FIRA DE BARCELONA will not make any certified copy of Administrative Documentation.