Meeting between the European Commission’s Director-General for the Environment and Fira de Barcelona

The Director-General for the Environment at the European Commission, Daniel Calleja, visited Fira de Barcelona today to hold a meeting with its General Manager, Constantí Serrallonga, who explained the trade fair organisation’s projects in the fields of sustainability, technology and innovation.
During the meeting, Serrallonga highlighted Fira’s strategy to organise trade shows that address new environmental challenges, energy efficiency criteria and the sustainable development of industrial production, cases in point being the Smart City Expo World Congress, Iwater, Circular Economy, IoT Solutions World Congress and Expoquimia, amongst others, this last event placing a particular emphasis on industrial chemical waste. Furthermore, Fira de Barcelona implements specific programmes to minimise the environmental impact of its large trade fair and congress events.
Constantí Serrallonga explained to Daniel Calleja the institution’s interest, as part of its internationalisation policy, to strengthen bonds with the EU and get involved in community projects that contribute to sustainable development and new technologies.
In turn, the Director-General for the Environment at the EU expressed his interest in collaborating with the initiatives that Fira de Barcelona is promoting in this respect.
Barcelona, 19 September 2016