IOTSWC is launching a cycle of webinars on technologies to make industries more resilient

This month, in partnership with the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), IoT Solutions World Congress (IOTSWC), the annual event organised by Fira de Barcelona on the digitisation of industries, will offer a series of free webinars in order to analyse the benefits that certain technological solutions can bring to companies from industrial sectors so as to improve their efficiency and resilience in complex or adverse situations such as the current one. Digital twin, the new normality resulting from COVID-19 and teleworking in industry will be the topics of the sessions to be held on 14th, 16th and 23rd April.

The first webinar, scheduled for today, will focus on digital twin or virtual replicas of objects and systems that can improve their effectiveness, predict potential failures, recommend action and design new versions. Under the title “Embracing Digital Twin”, the talk will feature K. Eric Harper, machine learning and artificial intelligence specialist and Senior Principal Scientist at ABB Future Labs, and Brad Klenz, IoT Analytics Architect at SAS and chair of IIC Industrial Artificial Intelligence Task chair of IIC Industrial Artificial Intelligence Task Group, together with Teresa Tung, Managing Director of Accenture Labs and R&D systems and platforms manager as the chair of the webinar.

The role of digitised companies and how they are better positioned than others with respect to the “new normality” that will emerge after the COVID-19 pandemic will be the topic of discussion of the second online webinar scheduled for 16th April, to be conducted by the Momenta Partners digital consultancy firm.

The proposal for the next webinar, to be held on 23rd April, will address teleworking and how manufacturing centres can operate remotely without undermining their productivity.

According to IOTSWC director Roger Bou, “with such major socio-technological challenges for both people and businesses, our event is currently seeking to support companies and contribute to the provision of useful instruments and knowledge for the economic revival, which will also involve digitisation and innovation as indispensable tools to adapt to the new times to come”.

The IIC’s executive director, Dr Richard Soley, stated that “technology will play a key role in strengthening our industries’ resilience capabilities so as to cope with the economic consequences of the pandemic, which is why we believe that it’s more important than ever to promote shared knowledge and exchange experiences in order to help our professionals and economic sectors to make the right decisions when it comes to digitising their activities and business models”.