INDUSTRY From Needs to Solutions creates MAX, an experiential congress on advanced manufacturing

The response to the challenges presented by the digitalisation of the industry will be the main theme of MAX, the new congress on advanced manufacturing organised by INDUSTRY From Needs to Solutions and which will be held within the framework of the event. It will be an event with a high practical and experiential component which will be structured around the four pillars of digital transformation: efficiency, product, business and talent. 
Organised by Fira de Barcelona, the 4th edition of INDUSTRY From Needs to Solutions, which will be held from 29th to 31st October in the Gran Via venue, doubles its commitment to knowledge once again and in its 4th edition creates the MAX congress that will address the challenges of digital transformation in the sector.
According to Miquel Serrano, the director of INDUSTRY, “we are promoting a new congress to present the main success stories of the digital transformation of the industry, explained by its protagonists: the companies that are experiencing the changes that come with industry 4.0 first-hand.”
The congress and its various talks will be structured around four themes of Efficiency, Product, Business and Talent. In the area of Efficiency, practical cases will be presented highlighting the impact achieved in industrial processes, logistics and savings in resources. With regards to the Product theme, the focus will be on its adaptation to the specific needs of the customer and the creation of new materials which allow the incorporation of new functionalities, creating what are known as smart products.
The Business aspect will address new models of this new era, especially those related to the generation of value from generated data. Whereas the main theme of the Talent section will focus on how companies that are leading the digitalisation of their processes are managing change and how they use their human resources as a lever for transformation towards a model that reinforces the capabilities of their staff, generating a motivating dynamic and collective growth.
INDUSTRY, the entire industrial value chain in a single space
Apart from the knowledge aspect integrated by MAX, the event will also include IN(3D)TALKS, which will bring together experts and companies to discuss the impact of additive manufacturing in large industrial sectors. Cyber Ethical Days, a congress and exhibition area on cybersecurity and ethical hacking, will also be held.
In order to cover the entire industrial value chain and provide intelligent manufacturing solutions, INDUSTRY From Needs to Solutions will incorporate areas based on machine tools (present every other year), connectivity and data, 3D printing, plastic transformation, automation and robotics, moulds and dies, new materials, and design and services.
Barcelona, 15th May 2019