Bta, will bring together a larger and more representative range of industry offerings

Bta. 2015 has topped the number of exhibitor companies that signed up for the previous edition in 2012. Together with Hispack, Bta. will be Europe’s largest food technology trade show held in 2015. The exhibition features a wide range of industry offerings presented at the Tecnocárnica, Tecnoalimentaria and Ingretecno shows, serving the meat and general food industry and the intermediate food products sector.

In order to do its utmost to meet the increasingly diverse needs of its buyers, Bta. 2015 is expanding the range of products presented, incorporating machinery and technology for the dairy industry, industrial refrigeration and cleaning, waste processing, logistics processes and environmental solutions for the food industry.

The quality and representative range of products presented, along with the business opportunities the event provides, make that Bta brings together some 575 firms from 30 countries, 11% more than the previous edition in 2012. Additionally, 25% of these companies come from abroad.

Prestigious national and international exhibitors offer a comprehensive selection of products at the three Bta. shows. The leading firms in machinery, technology and ingredients and additives for the food industry take part in the show to present their latest models and launches.

Tecnocárnica, the driving force

Machinery, technology, equipment and supplies for the meat and meat products industry are presented at Tecnocárnica. This space is once again a hub for an industry that is committed to innovation and the most advanced technology in order to offer first-class features and services that will enable the meat industry to improve its production processes and take on a leading role in the international market.

The show is a driving force behind Bta., with leading firms in machinery and technology for the meat industry.

Tecnocárnica brings together close to 245 firms. Noteworthy participants include Intecal, Dordal, Equipos para Manutención y Obras, G.F. Packaging España, Galp Energia España, Multivac Packaging Systems España, Roger Construcciones Metálicas, Vaessen-Schoemaker Industrial, Galp Energia España, Haratek Importaketa and Mimasa.

The show features a wide range of offerings, from technology and equipment for abattoirs and cutting plants for meat and meat product processing to presentation of the final product, including industrial refrigeration processes and hygiene, safety and environmental protection systems.

Tecnoalimentaria, a comprehensive selection of products

Tecnoalimentaria is the major showcase for the latest launches, offering technology solutions to improve food manufacturing processes, considering aspects such as traceability, quality control systems, safety, environmental protection and industrial refrigeration. Noteworthy companies include Abelló Linde, Controlsa, CBS-System España, Danmix, Dibal, Inoxpa, Intecal, Italdibipack Iberia, Pierre Guerin Iberica, Técnica de Fluidos and SSI Schäfer Sistemas Internacional.

Ingretecno, value-added ingredients

The ingredient, additive, aroma, enricher and intermediate food product industry demonstrates its dynamism and capacity for innovation at Ingretecno, also making the show a benchmark for the industry in Southern Europe.

The show brings together the leading manufacturers of intermediate food products (IFP): special ingredients, functional products, food additives and natural additives, enrichers, aromas and flavours, technological additives and enzymes. Analysis and technical consulting laboratories will also be present.

Some of the companies attending include Brenntag Quimica, Adpan Europa, Agricoat Natureseal, Altaquimica, DSM España and Ecos Metique.

Research in the food and drinks industry increasingly involves ingredients companies. In recent years, demand for functional foods, which help prevent or control illnesses, has provided this sector with a unique stimulus.  Under the umbrella of health and wellbeing, demand for functional foods is experiencing the greatest growth. In fact, according to figures from Grupo Mintel, the global functional foods market is expected to increase 15% in 2015, with more than 230 billion dollars in turnover.

Along with functional foods, another key area of innovation for the food industry are products that fall under the free-from concept (gluten-free, lactose-free, etc.). Mintel market studies indicate that the market for this segment in Spain will grow from 10% to 15% in 2015.

The industry looks abroad
Factors such as increased demand for food products at the international level and the need to implement more efficient technologies in the areas of food safety or product shelf life are driving exports of food machinery and technology. The industry employs close to 8,000 people in Spain, with estimated business turnover of more than 1.2 billion euros, according to National Statistics Institute figures.

For their part, 90% of the members of Amec Alimentec – the machinery, technology, ingredients and services arm of AMEC (Spanish acronym for the Multi-sector Business Association) – have moved into exports, an activity whose annual value tops 300 million euros. Europe is the main destination for sales of food industry machinery and represents 40% of overall exports, followed by Latin America with 23%, and Asia with 15%.

Exports are also bearing fruit for the food industry. FIAB (Spanish acronym for the Spanish Food and Drink Industry Federation) projections indicate that 2014 will close with annual growth of 5.5% over the previous year. This would represent a volume of exports in excess of 23.7 billion euros and consolidation of export growth at a rate well above the Spanish economy as a whole, which reported a 1.7% increase.

Barcelona, April 2015