Ángel Simón, president of the new iWater Barcelona show on the integral water cycle

Fira de Barcelona has appointed Ángel Simón to head the new iWater Barcelona show. Current president of Agbar and Senior Executive Vicepresident, Water Europe at Suez Environnement, he will bring his extensive knowledge and experience in the industry to the new show with the goal of making it a leading international event in the field of water management. The new show will be held from 15 to 17 November 2016, concurrently with Smart City Expo World Congress, creating an event offering inter-industry synergies, international visibility and generating new opportunities.

Organised by Fira de Barcelona, iWater Barcelona has the backing of the industry’s leading professional associations, including Aqua España, the Spanish Association of Water Treatment and Control Companies, and also the European association Aqua Europa. With this event, Fira positions itself in a high-value technology sector, providing a platform in the exhibition area to showcase the latest innovations and technologies in water management solutions, facilitate contacts with the industry’s professionals via networking activities and learn from the best experts and case studies at the congress.

iWater will present the main challenges and successes of an industry where water demand is expected to exceed supply by 30% in 2030 (according to a study by Deloitte). To address these and other future challenges, the crucial role played by technology, energy management, public-private sector business models and improved efficiency of water networks will be discussed.

The event also aspires to energize the water market and promote the Agua España brand, highlighting the international projection of Spanish companies as leaders in integrated irrigation solutions and the efficient management of areas with water stress. This is a field where Spain and its companies are technological leaders, with the Mediterranean region as a geographically close market with a high potential value. The new event will include all the major public and private sector players in the complete water cycle value chain, divided into 6 theme areas: Source, treatment, distribution and storage, point of use; water recycling and reuse, and irrigation.

iWater has been launched after a searching analysis of the situation of the water market, estimated at 332 trillion euros according to a study by the consultancy firm Sweco, and its needs. The ‘i’ in its name seeks to convey its unequivocally international calling and its commitment to innovation and smart solutions in a strategically important industry for the immediate future. It also answers an ongoing demand from Spanish water companies, who have been asking for many years for an international event that addresses the industry’s challenges.

Concurrence with a landmark event
With the goal of seeking synergies, the show will be held on the same dates and at the same venue as the Smart City Expo World Congress, the leading international event on smart cities that has been held in Barcelona since 2011. Both Aqua España and Fira de Barcelona consider that holding two events in parallel whose public and private sector participants may provide the supply and demand for solutions will benefit both events, insofar as the sustainable, efficient management of a natural resource such as water is also a strategic factor for cities.

Barcelona, 14 October 2015