Fira de Barcelona cooks meals for hospitals and nursing homes in various Spanish cities

The Gastrofira team, Fira de Barcelona’s internal catering department, has started to cook menus that will be distributed throughout hospitals and nursing homes in Barcelona and other Spanish towns. Thanks to the production capacity of the central kitchen located on the Gran Via venue, the trade fair institution will continue to contribute in the fight to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 by preparing an order of 17,000 rations over the next few days.

Given the surge in the demand in hospitals and retirement homes, Gastrofira will supply the food prepared in their kitchens to one of the companies usually in charge of catering at these centres, which will be in charge of their distribution. The initial order is to prepare 1,000 lunches and 1,000 dinners for the upcoming days, 17,000 rations in total, which will only have to be heated and served.

In the current situation, Fira de Barcelona has substantially increased safety and hygiene measures in the kitchen production. In addition to the usual precautions -such as the use of masks, gowns and gloves-, it has designed specific protocols for each process, including reception, production, packaging and dispatch, avoiding at all times contact between workers, both in the working area and in common areas such as locker rooms, dining room and breakroom.

This action is now added to other initiatives carried out in recent days by the trade fair institution in the face of the serious health situation, such as collaboration with the Catalan Ministry of Helth to build a temporary hospital named Fira Salut at the Gran Via venue and the use of Hall 7 (Victoria Eugenia) of the Montjuïc venue to shelter people in situation of vulnerability, as well as the donation of food to overrun soup kitchens in collaboration with the NGO Nutrición sin Fronteras.

Barcelona, March 30th 2020

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