The Piscina & Wellness Awards are launching new categories to recognise innovation in the sector

This year, the Piscina & Wellness Barcelona Awards are renewing their categories to highlight innovation in the sector from another perspective: that of the user. In this sense, the awards will recognise the best projects and solutions that aim to bring new benefits and improve the user experience of aquatic facilities from the point of view of health, wellness and the creation of community spaces. Moreover, the award for the most innovative product at the fair in the sustainability and connectivity categories, for which exhibitors at the event are eligible, will also be maintained.

The call for the Piscina & Wellness Barcelona Awards is open until 11th October, and the awards are looking for national and international projects and facilities that have innovated their aquatic proposal in the three areas that define the new categories of the event from this year onwards: Piscina is wellness (with two sections: aquatic relaxation and fun); Piscina is health (with sport and aquatic treatment) and Piscina is community (with literacy and accessibility).

The ones who are eligible to apply are the owners and those responsible for the aquatic facilities, projects or programmes in operation that have incorporated innovations in the swimming pool sector with any of these five motivations: to create new experiences of aquatic leisure and fun; to increase the potential of places specially designed to take care of oneself and relax; to extend and improve the practice of sports in the aquatic environment; to improve the therapeutic possibilities of water for the treatment of people with special needs, rehabilitation and muscular reinforcement; and to promote the access of all groups to aquatic spaces as a basic right of citizenship, inclusion, social integration and learning.

At the same time, Piscina & Wellness Barcelona will be awarding, as usual, the prize for the most innovative product to the most outstanding solution or process in two categories: sustainability and connectivity. The products presented must be exhibited at the fair.

Ángel Celorrio, the director of the event, stresses that “with this rethinking of the awards, we want to explicitly recognise and visualise the positive impact generated by innovation in the swimming pool sector in aquatic facilities, spaces and projects”. For Celorrio, “the driving forces behind innovation in the sector nowadays are wellness, health and the community, and we want our awards to reflect this”.

The jury, made up of independent experts, will assess the impact of the solutions used in the facilities and projects presented and the results achieved in the improvement of the user experience. The awards ceremony will take place on 29th November at the event.

The Piscina & Wellness Awards are part of the unique innovation programme launched this year by the Barcelona event with the aim of creating spaces for communication, recognition and training, that are open to professionals and companies, in which to address innovation in the swimming pool and wellness field in response to the demands of the user sectors, individuals and society in general.

Piscina & Wellness Barcelona
Fira de Barcelona, in collaboration with ASOFAP, is making progress in the organisation of Piscina & Wellness Barcelona, the most international event on the sector’s European trade fair calendar, which will take place from 29th November to 2nd December at the Gran Via venue.

The fair will bring together the entire value chain of swimming pool products for residential and public use, as well as facilities, equipment and accessories related to wellness, spa, fitness and exterior design. It will also include different activities for knowledge, reflection, networking and recognition, as is the case with these awards and the International Architecture Competition for Students, to project the values of innovation in the swimming pool and wellness sector.

This year’s edition will be held in a hybrid format (face-to-face and virtual), together with Barcelona Building Construmat.


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