The IOT Solutions World Congress Awards have already selected their 18 finalist projects

A total of 18 projects from Germany, Saudi Arabia, Spain, the United States, Bulgaria, India, Italy, the Netherlands and Sweden have been shortlisted for the IOT Solutions World Congress Awards, which will be presented at the leading event on the transformation of industry through disruptive technologies. The jury of experts has judged the most outstanding initiatives in the modernisation of manufacturing production, energy, smart buildings, healthcare, mobility and cybersecurity.

In the Best Smart Manufacturing Industry Solution category, which rewards companies that have transformed their processes by incorporating digital technologies, the nominees are Barcelona-based Diprotech, which has deployed IoT sensors throughout its facilities, integrating real-time operational data to optimise its processes; Germany’s Henkel-Loctite Pulse, for a smart solution to monitor equipment and detect any incidents instantly; and India’s Tata Chemicals, which has created an IoT-based, AI-driven digital twin to improve the sodium carbonate manufacturing process at its Mithapur plant in India.

The nominees for Best Energy and Utilities Solution are Madrid-based technology company Barbara Tech, which has developed a system for predictive modelling of chemical reactions in water using edge computing for 69 desalination plants worldwide; oil company Saudi Aramco, for two robots for hydrogen mining and exploration; and Spain’s Repsol, for deploying an IoT system that reduces maintenance costs at its more than 3,200 oil stations.

As for the best solutions for smart buildings and cities, the finalists are the Bulgarian company MClimate for its radiator thermostat for any type of building that reduces the CO2 footprint; the Indian firm GrydSense, for its Omnos solution for the management of all types of buildings; and the Dutch company Allorado, for its Gateway project, a network for smart building management.

Healthcare, mobility and cybersecurity
In the field of healthcare, the finalists are the mobile application SkinGuard, which detects skin diseases in its initial phase by the Spanish company Topazium Smart Medicine; the Catalan spinoff Maxsens for its musculoskeletal detection system to correct incorrect postures in sports; and the US company CenTrak, which has designed a real-time hospital management system.

Solving mobility problems is the objective of the connected transport and intelligent vehicles category, in which Cafler, a Barcelona start-up that has developed an online platform for managing vehicle-related procedures; Helloauto, a Catalan online insurance company that offers the insured an automatic accident detection system; and the Brazilian company Effortech Techonolgy, which has designed satellite communication devices, have been nominated.

Finally, in the category of best cybersecurity solutions, the candidates are Sweden’s RIoT Secure, with a wide range of tools and control solutions for IOT devices; Germany’s Infrafon, for its smart card for secure user authentication; and Italy’s Muscope, which has launched Risk, its cybersecurity rating platform for any company and supply chain.

The IOT Solutions World Congress Awards will be presented on 22 May in the Auditorium of the event, which, organised by Fira de Barcelona, will be held from 21 to 23 May at the Gran Via exhibition centre with the presence of more than 300 exhibitors and a line-up of 250 speakers and experts who will participate in 125 congress sessions.