Fri, 15.11.2013

3,800 companies looking for business opportunities in emerging markets will be participating

Alimentaria 2014 is focusing on foreign markets, championing the sector's innovation and quality

Wed, 13.11.2013

It is calculated that the event moves 50 million Euros a year

Fira de Barcelona hosts the 10th EIBTM

Mon, 11.11.2013

The fourth edition of the show will further increase its international nature

Sustainable and railway logistics will be debated at BcnRail 2013

Mon, 11.11.2013

The International Electric Vehicle Symposium will tackle the future challenges

Technological advances will be highlighted at EVS27

Thu, 31.10.2013

The Brazilian city is one of the South American leaders in urban transformation projects

Rio de Janeiro will be the guest city at Smart City Expo World Congress 2013

Wed, 30.10.2013

Pharmaceuticals based on genetic analysis will provide better treatment of disease

PharmaProcess points out personalised and biotechnological medicine as a future trend

Mon, 28.10.2013

Fira de Barcelona will be hosting the 19th edition, which will focus on the presence of sports in this genre

The Barcelona Manga Show, a must for fans of Japanese anime

Thu, 24.10.2013

Over 300 leading international experts will take part in the smart city summit in Barcelona

Richard Florida, Kent Larson and Amory Lovins, keynote speakers at Smart City Expo World Congress 2013

Wed, 23.10.2013

Josep Lluís Bonet highlights the institution's role as a global showcase for the industrial and commercial capability of Catalonia and Spain

Fira receives an award from the Chamber of Commerce in recognition of its trade fair activity

Fri, 18.10.2013

The leading event in southern Europe hosts over 27 countries and 140 companies

Seafood Barcelona, business for the seafood industry

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