International Business

Fira de Barcelona develops initiatives to promote the international exhibition business, anticipating the challenges of the market and globalisation in a highly competitive environment. 

It also contributes to promoting the presence of Catalan and Spanish companies abroad and strengthening the experience of the institution.

The institution jointly organises trade shows in various different countries as well as being involved in the management of exhibition and convention centres and providing consultancy services for facilities and events.

These actions are inseparable from Fira's ongoing commitment to internationalisation and its consolidation as one of the most outstanding platforms in Europe for major sector events, further underscored by the value of the Barcelona brand and the synergies between the city and its institution. 

Organisation of Trade Shows abroad

Fira jointly organises successful trade shows and events in its own venues, adapted to the needs of each country, and also promotes the participation of Catalan and Spanish exhibitors at these same events. Presence in Mexico DF, Puebla, Lisbon, La Habana, Buenos Aires, Kyoto, Doha, Istanbul and Casablanca.

Involvement in venue management 

Fira has extensive experience in venue management and in designing strategies to optimise trade show business. Through the joint venture VPM it collaborates firm Elan in managing the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center.

Consultancy services

Fira offers strategic consultancy services to other venues and operators to optimise their business models, spaces and trade fair projects in a number of countries in the Americas, Africa and Asia.



Fira has a wide network of delegations with representation in 15 countries, as well as other representatives around the world.





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